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22 Nov 2023

Journal Exchange | Professor Shuanggen Jin, Editor-in-Chief of JEES, Attends Journal Symposium at International Academy Union

On November 18, 2023, at the invitation of JEES, Professor Shuanggen Jin, Vice President of Henan Polytechnic University, Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Editor-in-Chief of JEES at Singapore Bilingual Publishing House, attended the Journal Symposium hosted by the International Academy Union.
Host: Bilingual Publishing Group
Conference Theme: Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences Seminar Series
Conference Dates: Nov. 18, 2023
Venue: Xingongyuan, Fangshan District, Beijing
           Liaison Office of Bilingual Publishing Group in China


Conference Agenda:
1. Introduction of leaders and guests.
2. Introduction and signing by the Secretary General of the International Academician Consortium.
3. Speech by Prof. Jin Shuanggen, Editor-in-Chief of JEES.
4. Participants discussed and exchanged information on the development of journals.
5. Group photo of both sides.
Prof. Jin focuses on intelligent navigation, geodesy, environmental remote sensing and space planetary exploration and applications. He has published more than 500 papers in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings, 10 patents/software copyrights and 10 books/monographs, with more than 9,000 citations and h-index > 50, and has been recognized as a "Highly Cited Scholar in China" by Elsevier in 2021, and selected as one of the top 2% of the world's top scientists by Stanford University in 2023. In 2021, he has been recognized by Elsevier as "China's Highly Cited Scholar", and he has been selected by Stanford University as one of the World's Top 2% Scientists 2023.

At the meeting, the leadership of BPG introduced the basic situation to Prof. Jin, and the editor of the journal further reported the publication status and development plan of the journal to Prof. Jin. Prof. Jin fully recognized the BPG's concept of running journals and the results achieved, and also put forward valuable guidance and suggestions on some of the current problems and future development of the journals. Prof. Jin shared his rich experience in running journals and unique insights, and discussed in depth the best practices and strategies of journal publication.


From left: Journal editor Tina Guo, Prof. Jin Shuanggen, Journal operation director Tom Tang, Journal management manager Daisy Zhang.
Journal Introduction:

Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences (ISSN: 2661-3190) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, international English-language journal founded in 2019 and included in the Scopus database in November 2021; the Ei GeoBase database in January 2022; and the CAS database in February 2022, indicating that the journal's academic level and influence have been widely recognized by the international academic and publishing communities! The journal will be further developed with the support of the editor-in-chief and editorial board team, authors, and scholars, and will eventually become a top journal in its field.
The scope of the Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences includes, but is not limited to:
  • Geological and hydrogeological resources
  • Geomorphology
  • Edaphology
  • Geochemical
  • Geophysical principles
  • Geodesy
  • Remote sensin
  • Climate change
  • Environmental problems

Journal Page:
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