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11 Jan 2024

Join the Global Conversation on Environmental Issues | ISSN: 2661-3190

Join the Global Conversation on Environmental Issues | ISSN: 2661-3190

Calling all researchers, scientists, and eco-enthusiasts! We are thrilled to present Journal of Environmental & Earth Sciences, a dynamic platform for sharing groundbreaking research and innovative solutions in the field of environmental studies. Together, let's make a positive impact on our planet's future.

Why Choose JEES?
1. Cutting-Edge Research: Explore the latest research and discoveries in climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, renewable energy, and more. Our journal showcases pioneering studies that shape the way we understand and address environmental challenges.
2. Interdisciplinary Focus: We foster collaboration across disciplines, encouraging contributions from environmental scientists, ecologists, geologists, social scientists, policymakers, and beyond. Together, we can develop comprehensive solutions to complex environmental issues.
3. Global Perspectives: JEES provides a platform for diverse voices from around the globe. Share your research findings, case studies, and perspectives, and contribute to a global dialogue on sustainable environmental practices.
4. Impactful Outreach: Reach a broad audience of researchers, policymakers, activists, and environmentally conscious individuals. Your work will inspire and drive positive change in environmental conservation and policy implementation.
5. Rigorous Peer Review: Our stringent peer-review process ensures the highest scientific standards and integrity. Submit your work to JEES, and benefit from valuable feedback and recognition from experts in the field.

Submission Guidelines:
Submit to: []

For more information, visit our website []. Together, let's make a difference and protect our Earth for generations to come.

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